Dear Supporter,

Important change to the Brave Hearts Christmas Lunch

If you have booked to come to the Christmas Lunch at the Magnolia Club on Tuesday December 18th 2018 please note that it is now starting at 12pm rather than 1pm as originally planned. If you haven’t already booked, you can still do so. You can see the delicious menu by clicking here. The lunch costs £25 for two courses or £30 for three. If you want to come, please click here to let me know or call me on 01628 525601 by midday on Tuesday December 11th 2018.

After lunch we’re sharing our cardiac experiences in a group discussion…

You don’t have to come to the lunch to come to the meeting.

Back in August we had a very useful group discussion, sharing our cardiac experiences. We called it Tales from the Heart and it provided a great opportunity for patients and carers to talk about what they’ve been through and how they’ve coped. By popular demand we’re doing it again. As well as being a great opportunity to get things off your chest, we think everyone will take comfort in knowing that they’re not the only people to have faced cardiac challenges. Brave Hearts is, after all, a support group. If you’ve never joined us before, this is an ideal occasion to come along and meet people in the same boat.

The meeting will take place at 2.30pm on Tuesday December 18th 2018 at the Magnolia Club, Magnolia Park, Valley Road, Hughenden Valley, High Wycombe, HP14 4LA. There will be a raffle and refreshments as usual. Any donations for the raffle as well as cakes and biscuits will be appreciated. Please click here to let me know if you will be able to join us or call me on 01628 525601.

Download the questions from our Christmas: True or False Quiz

At our November meeting there was a very entertaining Christmas: True or False Quiz brilliantly compiled by Tony McHale. If you would like to download the questions, please click here. You might find it fun to test your family and friends over the festive season.

With kind regards and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
Chris Baker
(Chairman, Brave Hearts)