Hearts & Souls Annual General Meeting 2018

Chairman’s Statement

2017 was another successful year for Hearts & Souls supporting the cardiac rehabilitation programme we are so fortunate to have here in Buckinghamshire. The committee has continued to build on the strong financial position that the Charity has with another good year, once again raising in excess of £25,000. Steve Wildman had a successful year again with his fund raising activities. Stuart Jaggard and John Whitworth continued their great work for the Charity as Secretary and Treasurer.  A special mention should also be made for Jonathan Sherrard’s tireless efforts in supporting the Charity.

We executed the fund raising plan and budget for 2017 and have put in place a similar fund raising plan and budget for 2018. 44% of last year’s expenditure was spent on running our Phase III exercise classes. This covers the hire of gyms and the services of our specialist instructors.  36% went on equipment.  This includes step counters and equipment for our exercise classes in Ward 4A.  Another 7% went on staff training and conferences to ensure all members of the team are properly certified and up to date with best practice.  The remaining money was spent on the cost of running our fund raising events plus various administrative expenses such as Insurance and our website. We ended the year with an increased reserve, which now equates to approximately three years of expenditure. My thanks go to the committee and our supporters for their efforts throughout the year and their fundraising with individuals and organisations, as well as sponsored events.

Congratulations must go to all our fundraisers. Of particular note in 2017 are The Marlow Music Makers who raised £2,250, The Shanley foundation, Bisham Concert Band & Peter Bevins. Anthony Vimal once again led the walkers that successfully completed the London Bridges Walk and raised almost £8,000. Other major events and activities included the Race Night that raised almost £2,000 and the Christmas Raffle raising over £1,200 both of which were organised by Steve Wildman.

Active Hearts, our local NHS cardiac rehabilitation service, has continued to be very busy this year expanding their services across the area. The importance of Cardiac Rehabilitation is greatly appreciated by those going through the programme as well as continuing to gain wider recognition in the extended community.  This is despite the departure of Fiona, Jane & Julie (who we thank for their hugely beneficial contributions over the years they have been involved with the programme) that has put an extra burden on the remaining team members while they recruit replacements.  This I believe highlights the need for us to help the remaining team by trying to reduce their workload.  This can be helped by focusing our fundraising efforts on activities that are in line with the cardiac rehabilitation programme such as the London Bridges Walk and the new Summer Thames Valley Walk that raise the most funds rather than other activities that don’t produce as much funding (mainly due to the expenses incurred in running them) and that are just as resource and time consuming.   In addition, as the Charity faces more legislation such as GDPR, the committee needs to focus on the details, which ensure that we meet the duty of care and respect of each individual and their personal information that is expected of us in all of our activities and interactions.

As well as the committee, fundraisers, rehabilitation team (Shona, Rob, Matt and Andrea) and the other exercise instructors, I must thank you, the membership and our supporters, for helping us to ensure that Hearts & Souls are in a position to continue to fund the cardiac rehabilitation service and support its continued growth which this region benefits from.  We couldn’t do it without you.


Alan Cornwell, Chairman                                                                                                              29th June 2018